Friday, January 02, 2009

Welcome 2009!

We spent New Year's Eve at our good friends Trisha and Fran's house.  Two other friend couples joined us, and between us we had 10 kids under age seven.  We ate dinner, played games, watched Dick Clark's last celebration, whooped it up outside at 9:00 when the ball dropped in Times Square, waited 3 hours, let the kids out to whoop it up AGAIN at midnight, and then hit the sack.  We had the yummiest breakfast buffet and then we all headed home for naps!

Here's Trisha laying the ground rules for the kids: stay upstairs!

Me and my silly boy.

My uncles will be so proud.  Aren't the paper ladybug cups classy?

Making a HUGE mess in the playroom!

As it should be - all the men in the kitchen!

Ringing in the New Year - east coast time.

The pied piper handing out poppers.

Banging pots and pans at midnight OUR time.

"Mama, I can't believe you let me stay up this late!"

Three two year olds enthralled with a pretend cat.

Breakfast time!

Sierra and Owen make sure the year starts off right - snacks on the Gator!


Kelly's 3 said...

That looked like so much fun! Now my evening of folding laundry and watching The Break Up doesn't compare...

The McNulty Family said...

How FUN!!! Miss you... coming home sat!

Anonymous said...

The kids all had perfect midnight celebration shoewear! Very cute! Elaine

Orange Peanut said...

Looks like you had a fun time!

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