Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Frogs need lots of fiber, apparently

Lauren has an increasingly bad habit lately of taking her earrings out at nap time and at bed time. We had her ears pierced on her 8 month birthday, and she never paid any attention to them until a couple of months ago. I recently resorted to getting her itty bitty hoops, hoping she wouldn't be able to unhook and remove them - no such luck. So this morning while getting her dressed I noticed her right ear was bare. "What happened to your earring, little missy? Did you take it out again?" "No, Mama, Baby Tad ate it all gone!"

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wha wha what?

So I'm having some minor outpatient ear surgery on Monday. I have a condition called otosclerosis, which basically means I'm deaf. It is a wonderful thing indeed when I'm trying to sleep with my hubby, the snorer. But when I can't hear the kids when they wake up from a nap, that's when I have a problem. I had my left ear done a couple years ago, after I had Lauren. During the pregnancy with Owen, my right ear got worse. I'm not too worried about it, especially since I don't remember recovery being too awful, just a couple days of dizzyness. What I am worried about is the fact that both the kids have colds. I hope they're better by the time we need to drop them off at my parents' house on Monday morning. Nothing makes you feel more guilty than sending your sick kids to someone else's house to spread the love, er, I mean germs!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yet another Lauren-ism

Getting the princess ready for her afternoon nap:
Mama: "Would you like Mommy to tuck you in?"
Lauren: "Yes, you may."

Thank goodness I'm worthy to serve her!! *dripping in sarcasm*

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