Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life size artwork

Train tracks, nerf balls, pipe cleaner, doll bottles, and a uniform!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Field trip

Lauren's kindergarten class had a field trip last Thursday to the post office. The kids were so excited. In the weeks leading up to it, they learned about writing and mailing letters. They each picked a person to write a letter to in class and they learned how to address an envelope. Lauren wanted her letter to go to Great Grandma!

The kids took turns putting their letters through the
mail slot while the others watched in the back room.

Here's the branch manager showing Lauren where our street's mail is divvied up.

Great photo op: the class got to stand on the loading dock outside.

The kids all got to take turns getting in the driver's seat of a postal truck - and honking the horn!

Then they all got to hop in the back and pretend they were packages.

Back inside, they got to take turns on the big scale. Lauren has been enjoying watching The B.iggest L.oser with me this season, so she got a kick out of standing on a giant scale!

Han tanisizer =

what Owen calls hand sanitizer.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sharing a classic

Sat down with the kids tonight to read to them before bedtime and decided I didn't want three or four little story books. I wanted a chapter book. So I grabbed my beloved boxed set of Little House books and pulled out my dog eared copy of Little House in the Big Woods. As I read the first sentence I almost teared up, as the story came rushing back to me. These are my favorite books of all time and I'm so excited to share them with the kids and experience it all over with them.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rainy day activity: cookie decorating

So proud of my girl!

Lauren just recited the Our Father for me and only needed prompting on one part! She brought home a booklet yesterday that she'd made at school about the prayer, so today I asked her if she say it for me. Sometimes if I ask her to tell me something she's learned at school, like a song, she will say she doesn't remember, even though I hear her singing it to herself. I was surprised just now at how quickly she started reciting it, without hesitation. So proud of her!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Stay inside the vehicle at all times

Our van has built in sunscreens in the back windows where the kids sit. We usually keep them up year round, but for some reason we put them down recently. As we were driving to school this morning the sun was shining in Owen's face and he complained it was too bright. It's too hard to reach back from the driver's seat to pull the screen up. We had just missed a green light and were stopped. I knew all the other lanes had to go before it was our turn again, so I put the van in park, rolled his window down and hopped out of the car, leaving my door open. I reached in, pulled the screen up, and hooked it on the top hooks. As I got back in the car Lauren said to me, "Umm, isn't that inappropriate?!" She was shocked that I would get out of the car at a stoplight!

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