Sunday, January 25, 2009

Walk the plank, pretty lady!

We went to Sierra's third birthday party yesterday, and the theme was Princesses and Pirates.  Genna was spending the day with us, and the kids all had way too much fun.  When we walked in the door everyone was handed a treasure map.  There were treasure chests hidden all around the house, full of goodies to loot: necklaces, rings, gold chocolate coins, etc.

Helping Owen make a pirate door knob hanger.  Note the chocolate on his chin!

My two pirates

Cinderella came to play games with the kids

Here's Lauren all set to get flowers painted on her arm.  She's anti-face painting!

Lauren, Owen and Genna in front of the castle


Monica said...

Your friends have awesome birthday party ideas! I'll have to file these away...

Michelle said...

It seems like all your friends throw the greatest parties for their kids!! What a cute idea. I love seeing the pictures of Owen & Lauren. It looks like they had a blast. (daddy too) :)

Trent and Amber said...

What a great party!! :)

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