Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas en masse

We spent Friday and Saturday at my grandma's house with my dad's side of the family. He has 7 brothers and sisters, so there are plenty of cousins to play with.

What we do best, eat and drink!

Here are some of the little ones, hiding in a
closet. One of them got a spy kit as a present, so
they were putting the flashlight to good use!

What's better than playing with someone else's new toys?

One of our longstanding family traditions is to pass around a bottle
of peppermint Schnapps while opening presents. Let the fun begin!

Here's Dad, partaking in the goodness of Christmas!

Uncle John and me, enjoying an uncrowded couch - unheard of!

Me and Nat Nat

Sara and Lauren

There's less than 8 months between the youngest of the 22 grandchildren and the
oldest of the 7 great grandchildren. Here's all 7 of the greats, plus the 2 youngest grands.

Adding Grandma to the mix. See what I mean about the couch?

Owen and his Noni

Louie, Lauren, Owen, and Charlie playing video games.

Less than 15 minutes after we left!

Here's a house my cousin Ronnie told us to drive by. I've
never seen anything like it, the picture doesn't do it justice.


Monica said...

Great picture of Owen and your mom!!!

Kelly's 3 said...

What a Christmas! No wonder they were asleep in the car so fast!
THat is alot of kids in one house...I think it's so great for them to grow up around cousins!

Michelle said...

Looks like fun, great photos! We missed you! Wow, is that someone's house with all of those lights? Amazing!

Orange Peanut said...

So much fun and yes Sorry Sliders is fun. Much easier for the kids to play than the original game!

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