Friday, August 19, 2011

A little excitement for the evening

(DaddyBoi's first post, yea like 7 yrs later... I know it's shameful.)

The setup: I had just arrived home from work today much earlier than usual, around 4:30 PM and we were out in the garage talking as I was getting something out of the rafters.

Ali: Honey is that smoke?
Adam: It's probably just a BBQ
- a few minutes later -
Ali: I don't think that's a BBQ honey.
Adam: *sniff* no, that's not a BBQ.
Adam: Get the keys for the back gate and my phone!

And there was running...
And then a quick chat with a 911 dispatcher...
And there was some banging on the neighbor's door... thankfully nobody home.

Then there was a big red truck (E23 from Station 108), and the brave men in yellow coats began to do what they do so well...

Soon they were joined the good 'ol *whump whump* of a Huey, as Metro Copter 2 made a pass, then off to snorkel up a river nearby...

About 10 min later the *whump thump* returned, and there was water falling from the sky to join with the ash and smoke...

And then finally... that most poignant of aroma's... well soaked, smoldering ground.

** To the punk kids who figured that a grass fire in the dry scrub oak nestled in residential neighborhood was "fun," I wish that you may reap the benefits from many of life's lessons in an unfortunate way.

Saturday, August 06, 2011


We needed the kids to record a new message for the answering machine. We asked them what they wanted to say.

"We're not here so hang up."

They are so their father's children.

Love is...

The kids have been arguing all morning, so I sent them each to their rooms for a time out. Owen came out a few minutes later to see if they could play. I told them they couldn't come out until they could love each other. He came running back after another few minutes to say, "We did everything that is love."


He said, "We did everything that is love. We did this (eskimo kisses), we hugged, we bumped bellies, and we high fived."

What are we, a football team?

As of 1 October 2007