Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of preschool

Owen started back to preschool this morning. He's been counting down the days. We're at a parent participation preschool, and it just so happened that it was my day to work in the classroom AND bring snack. I'm not sure what he was more excited about!

Ready to get the show on the road

Playing with fresh playdoh

Reading books with Michael while Jada takes pictures

Enjoying a snack of bananas, graham crackers, and juice

Saturday, August 28, 2010

First day of first grade

Lauren started school last Wednesday. Here are some shots of our exciting morning.

Bright and early, ready to head out.

Blurry, but still cute.

Walking to class, all smiles.

A real desk this year!

Mrs. Wright was MY third grade teacher. She has not aged in 24 years!

We had Back to School night the evening after this. Sitting in the classroom, in Lauren's desk, and listening to Mrs. Wright was so deja vu for me. I am SO looking forward to this year!

Saw this commercial last night and thought it was so funny!

Vocabulary lesson

Lauren: "My arms have the chicken bocks because I'm cold."
= also know as goosebumbs

Owen, after Lauren told him he couldn't sleep in her room: "Is that a bad gratulations?"
= opposte of congratulations

Their word "snotch" means a little. "Can I please have a snotch more milk?"

They both love to "attackle" their Papa.
= attack tackle

Lauren, while talking to Daddy: " I can see up your snout holes."
= nostrils

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cob on the corn - it's what's for dinner

Owen: "Daddy, the dark part on this cob on the corn is the part you cooked. It's my favorite."

Adam: "Buddy, you make such a mess eating it. Try eating a whole row across, like a typewriter, instead of random bites."

Me: "Um, honey? It's 2010. Do you really expect these kids to know what a typewriter is?"

Lauren: "I do! I saw one on Ratatouille!"

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Newsworthy - even nationally!

We were driving home from a church dinner last night around 7:00PM, down a very busy road. Very casually, Lauren says, "Hey, look at that zebra!" I almost didn't even glance the direction she was pointing, but I did, and what a sight to behold! Indeed, there was a zebra galloping down a lane, along with traffic. Adam and I looked at each other in shock.

I grabbed my cell phone and dialed 911. As it was ringing, I was thinking to myself, "The poor operator who answers this call is going to think I am high on something!" A woman operator answered, and asked what my emergency was. I replied, "This is going to sound so crazy, but there is a zebra running down Fair Oaks Blvd." She immediately began laughing, and said, "I didn't believe it at first, but since you're the fifth caller to report it, it must be true, crazy as it sounds!" She took my name, confirmed the phone number I was calling from, and told me to proceed with caution, that units were already on the way.

As soon as we got home I posted what we had seen on F.acebook, and at first people were teasing me, disbelieving - a reaction that I'm sure I would have had, too, had I read that! But the more time that went on, more friends began to comment that they had heard the same, or that their family members had seen it as well. It even began to show up when I G.oogled it, on our local newspaper's website and a couple TV station sites.

Turns out there were TWO zebras, who had escaped a nearby breeder. A dog had spooked them and they jumped a fence. I didn't stay awake last night long enough to watch any news, but this morning a friend sent me a link - to CNN!! I can't believe it made the national news.

It was truly one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen, and I'm so glad Lauren pointed it out to us!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And so it begins...

Vocabulary lesson

Lauren, while talking to Great Grandma: "Owen, I'm on the phone. Stop erupting!"

Owen, while driving anywhere and everywhere: "Are we going the speed lemont?"

Monday, August 09, 2010

Play Date

We are enjoying the last two weeks of summer vacation before school starts!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Owen was asking me a question the other evening about who made something or other. I told him that God makes everything. He squinted one eye at me, pointed a finger in my direction, and said, "Not everything, Mama. Did you forget that Santa makes Christmas presents?" Then he shook his head as he walked away, as if to say, "Geez, I can't believe she forgot."

Sunday, August 01, 2010

El Capitan 2010

We spent part of last week at our annual beach family reunion. 1 matriarch, all 8 children, 13 of 22 grandkids, and all 7 great grandkids. We visited with cousins returning from Korea (en route to Louisiana) and Europe (en route to New York as I type this!), and are excited to have another great grandkid on the way - no, not us! We've had our fill of s'mores and snack food, and more than enough sand to last this mama for a long time. Now we're home and our bags are unpacked, the laundry is done, and the sand toys are put away for another year.

Enjoy this slide show of our trip:

Forgot to pack a pitcher? No worries, just use your coffee carafe to make margaritas!

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