Friday, February 26, 2010

Circle of life

I was feeling down yesterday afternoon after learning of a friend's passing. Now, I'm happy to hear that my brother's best friend and his wife had their twins early this morning, healthy at 35 weeks. And so it goes on...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

P.V. notes

Keep in mind that the pictures of our trip below are from my camera. I don't have any of my mom's pictures yet, and Adam alone took over 1300 on his camera. Hopefully I'll be able to post some of theirs soon, but at least I got mine on here for now. Pretty good, considering I never did get around to putting up any from Christmas!

A HUGE thanks to my parents for taking us on this trip and spoiling us all rotten. We love you both and we had an awesome time.

Puerto Vallarta: Friday, day 8

This was how Adam looked for most of the vacation. Owen took this shot, giving Daddy some of his own medicine.

Lauren painting her third and final ceramic figure, a whale.

Papa and Owen watching Lauren paint

Papa giving the kids their final bath in the balcony jacuzzi

Last shot of the trip!

Puerto Vallarta: Thursday, day 7

Our last full day of vacation.

Yet another picture by Owen

We had dinner at my very favorite P.V. restaurant, Los Arbolitos, which means the little trees. It is a three story restaurant in old town, and the third floor is the dining room, open on a couple sides to catch the breeze and watch the tree tops. When we ate there five years ago, as we were leaving, I saw one of the waiters bring out a dish that I've literally been thinking about all these years: a split avocado, on a bed of shredded lettuce, overflowing with fresh shrimp. I knew I had to order it this time - so worth the wait!

The kids dinner plate had a gorgeously carved rose tomato.

Noni and the minstrel after he played Cielito Lindo, one of her favorite Mexican songs.

Daddy and his boy

There was a group of older ladies there who had had quite a bit to drink. After they finished their dinner, they made their way to the stairs to exit the restaurant. They were holding on the the rails for dear life, giggling the whole way down. Our table backed up to the open wrought iron stairwell, so I leaned over and jokingly said, "Via con Dios, senoras." That means "Go with God, ladies." We were all laughing and one of them responded, "Thanks, we'll need it." Well, maybe I shouldn't have been laughing so hard. I only had one strawberry margarita, but just as we finished dinner it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was all I could do to stay awake on the ride home in the taxi, where I sat in front with the taxi driver and everyone else was in the backseat. I could hear Adam and my mom laughing about how I was teasing those ladies and now I was the one who had had too much!

Puerto Vallarta: Wednesday, day 6

The tooth fairy visited last night and brought Lauren some pesos and a Tinker Bell locket necklace. I said something about putting a picture in it of her and Noni and Papa in Mexico. She said she wanted a picture in it of her and Mr. Guacamole!!

Here are the kids in their flea market finds waiting for Uncle Marty and Aunt Judy to visit us. Their cruise ship came in to P.V. that morning for the day - what planning!

Uncle Marty, Aunt Judy, Noni, and Papa on our front balcony with the cruise ship in the background

Lauren playing on the resort's playground:

Lauren painting a duck down in the sand

The skies got dark and a tremendous downpour appeared:

Killing time playing poker with Dove chocolates and Andes mints, waiting for the storm to pass

Adam and Victor at dinner, yet again

We have a picture like this of Lauren when she was just 12 months old!

The kids really enjoyed the balcony jacuzzi:

Saying goodbye to their ship

Puerto Vallarta: Tuesday, day 5

We all went into town this morning to walk the Malecon and shop the flea market. The kids get everything the asked for: T-shirts for both of them, a luchador mask for Owen, a tiny doll for Lauren, etc. As we walked around, Lauren lost her second tooth. We had lunch at a yummy place called Bar Los Burros, right on the beach. Noni and Papa took the kids back to the hotel while Adam and I stayed in town for a couple more hours.

Lauren painting her first masterpiece of the week, a butterfly. It turned out so cute - she definitely has her father's artistic tendencies!

Getting her hair braided

On the trampoline with Noni

Last time we were in P.V. we saw big iguanas daily. We had talked this up to the kids so much and they were so looking forward to seeing some. This tiny lizard, not much bigger than 3 inches long, was the first one we saw all week. February must not be reptile season!

We walked along the marina that evening, not knowing where we wanted to eat dinner. All the restaurants have employees out front, enticing you to eat there. As we walked past one place, the man out front made mention that he employed someone named Mr. Guacamole. Seeing as how this was the kids' favorite thing to eat all week, we decided we had to eat there.

At dinner, Lauren was ecstatic the waitstaff gave her a pink chair to match her shirt.

This is Mr. Guacamole, showing the kids the tricks of the trade.

At least some of us enjoyed the live music

Owen taking our picture

Lauren and Mr. Guacamole. He was in the kitchen when we left, and he ran after us outside to say goodbye to Lauren - he even kissed her hand!

Owen and an awesome pirate in front of one of the restaurants on the marina

The kids fought every time we got back to our room about who got to unlock the door.

Puerta Vallarta: Monday, day 4

This was the kids favorite pool, by far. There was a wide walkway right down the middle that was only inches deep, on one side it was two feet deep and on the other side four feet deep.

Adam thoroughly enjoyed his new camera

The guys and the kids on the beach

Getting the sand out

Love the sun rays coming through the clouds

Headed back to the pool

Just like at home: relaxing on the couch watching Tom and Jerry!

Puerta Vallarta: Sunday, day 3

Sunday was Noni's birthday and Valentine's Day.

Adam was up to photograph the sunrise almost every morning

While laying by the pool

Laying on the tile floor watching cartoons in Spanish

Keeping up with homework

We rode the bus to downtown - what an experience!

Intricate sand art

This sand iguana was huge!

Noni and Papa dancing to the live music in the plaza

The kids refused to get out of their strollers to dance, so Papa outsmarted them!

Noni bought the kids some pinwheels and Lauren was enjoying the breeze.

Owen and Papa enjoying dessert

I love the ceilings in all the rooms. Since we first stayed there five years ago, I've often mentioned to Adam that I'd love to have that ceiling in our room!

Amazing work of art

Puerto Vallarta: Saturday, day 2

The kids, enjoying the beach at our hotel

Lauren absolutely loves giraffes, and the hotel was full of art from local artists. She loved these mama and baby Huichol giraffes.

Mama and Owen, sitting in the lobby

Owen loves to take pictures, and apparently this was his favorite piece of art!

Our home away from home for the week

The infamous dessert drink from Victor's

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