Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let's play

Adam's parents, sister, and one of his brother's came up last week to visit.  We spent our time catching up, playing the Wii, and eating way too much, as is usual when there's a houseful!  Here's a recap of their trip:

Lauren and Aunt Abi playing dominoes.

Owen and Uncle Andy racing cars on Owen's new racetrack.

Grandma bowling with the Wii.  Nice form!

Here's cousin Jessica, taking her turn.

We went to Lisa and Uncle Aaron's house for dinner Saturday night and helped them break in their new kitchen - which included a pizza oven!  

How many of them do you think it takes to check the temperature??

Grandpa was having the kids do rolling races across the living room.

Owen and Uncle Andy playing dominoes. 

Uncle Aaron helping Lauren and Abi make a pizza.

The perfect way to end the weekend - wrestling with Grandpa!


Michelle said...

Looks like you had a good time! I wish we could have been there. I especially like the picture of the kids wrestling with grandpa. too cute!

Kelly's 3 said...

that pizza oven is awesome

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