Saturday, February 20, 2010

Puerto Vallarta: Tuesday, day 5

We all went into town this morning to walk the Malecon and shop the flea market. The kids get everything the asked for: T-shirts for both of them, a luchador mask for Owen, a tiny doll for Lauren, etc. As we walked around, Lauren lost her second tooth. We had lunch at a yummy place called Bar Los Burros, right on the beach. Noni and Papa took the kids back to the hotel while Adam and I stayed in town for a couple more hours.

Lauren painting her first masterpiece of the week, a butterfly. It turned out so cute - she definitely has her father's artistic tendencies!

Getting her hair braided

On the trampoline with Noni

Last time we were in P.V. we saw big iguanas daily. We had talked this up to the kids so much and they were so looking forward to seeing some. This tiny lizard, not much bigger than 3 inches long, was the first one we saw all week. February must not be reptile season!

We walked along the marina that evening, not knowing where we wanted to eat dinner. All the restaurants have employees out front, enticing you to eat there. As we walked past one place, the man out front made mention that he employed someone named Mr. Guacamole. Seeing as how this was the kids' favorite thing to eat all week, we decided we had to eat there.

At dinner, Lauren was ecstatic the waitstaff gave her a pink chair to match her shirt.

This is Mr. Guacamole, showing the kids the tricks of the trade.

At least some of us enjoyed the live music

Owen taking our picture

Lauren and Mr. Guacamole. He was in the kitchen when we left, and he ran after us outside to say goodbye to Lauren - he even kissed her hand!

Owen and an awesome pirate in front of one of the restaurants on the marina

The kids fought every time we got back to our room about who got to unlock the door.

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