Saturday, February 20, 2010

Puerta Vallarta: Sunday, day 3

Sunday was Noni's birthday and Valentine's Day.

Adam was up to photograph the sunrise almost every morning

While laying by the pool

Laying on the tile floor watching cartoons in Spanish

Keeping up with homework

We rode the bus to downtown - what an experience!

Intricate sand art

This sand iguana was huge!

Noni and Papa dancing to the live music in the plaza

The kids refused to get out of their strollers to dance, so Papa outsmarted them!

Noni bought the kids some pinwheels and Lauren was enjoying the breeze.

Owen and Papa enjoying dessert

I love the ceilings in all the rooms. Since we first stayed there five years ago, I've often mentioned to Adam that I'd love to have that ceiling in our room!

Amazing work of art

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