Saturday, February 20, 2010

Puerto Vallarta: Friday, day 1

Here's the kids and Daddy playing video games, waiting for the hotel shuttle to take us to the airport.

The kids did great on the flight, Owen's first ever. Lauren flew quite a bit as a baby, but not in the last four years or so.

The first thing we did when we landed was head to our hotel to unpack and unwind. The kids were giddy that they didn't have to use car seats all week! We took it easy, showing the kids around the grounds. We'd been there before, five years ago May, for Adam's 30th birthday, and less than two weeks after Lauren turned one. Adam made a wonderful movie of our trip that year, which both kids have watched over and over. It was fun to see them recognize restaurants and other places from that video.

We walked to the marina for dinner, a nice leisurely walk from our hotel, and enjoyed a delicious meal.

Try this place next time you're in town - free tequila shots, free ice cream for the kids, and free after dinner Kahlua drinks for the adults - SO good! We ate there at least three times, so you'll see pictures later of the drinks.

Owen sampling some apple juice from a shot glass

The boys

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