Thursday, January 21, 2010

One down, countless to go

Lauren did her first real school project last week. Her kindergarten class is learning to count to 100, both by ones and tens. They needed to pick 100 items, group them into 10 groups of 10, and create a small poster board display. She loves giraffes, so we picked giraffe stickers as her item. She did all the work herself, as you can see below.

Daddy showing her how to get a
perfect circle by tracing around a glass:

She cut out all of the circles:

And stuck ten stickers to each circle:

Then Adam helped her hot glue the circles to varying sizes of foam, so that the poster would have a three dimensional quality. That's Daddy for you, always thinking! She picked the layout of all the circles and then they hot glued everything to the poster.

The proud student with her finished project:

Zoomed in:


Kelly's 3 said...

We have to do the same project for next week. Still not sure what we are doing...

Rita said...

So cute! I remember Steven took a Ziploc bag into Kindergarten with 100 Lego people...his favorite thing in the whole world then! Congratulations on a very awesome project to Lauren.

Michelle said...

Cute project. I love that you let her do it herself. Didn't you hate it when you were a kid and there was always that one project that was clearly made by the parents? haha :-)

Greaterich said...

The first 100 days....I love hearing how different schools handle it; although, I think it is an elementary thing. I wish I could make my students do a project showing that they know how to count to 100 (sadly, I think many would fail!)

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