Friday, January 29, 2010

Behind closed doors

Is anyone else bothered by those closet ads showing pictures like this?
Don't get me wrong, I love how organized it is. But am I the only one who thinks closets are for HANGING clothes? In our master bedroom, we don't have a walk in closet, but one whole wall is dedicated to our closet. There are two shelving units in there that take up valuable space for clothes I want to hang.

Maybe it's just my disdain for wrinkles from folded clothes. I hate folding clothes, I can never get them to fold flat. Could just be my lack of retail experience! I have a hard time filling the drawers in my dresser. Socks and unmentionables are about the only things I want in a drawer, because they don't need to be folded. I much prefer to hang everything!

There are places for nooks and crannies and shelves and baskets behind closed doors - but they're called PANTRIES and linen closets.


Adam said...

I think 11 shirts, in just 4 styles is probably not a realistic closet for anyone.

Kelly's 3 said...

LOl..I love how this person has 3 aqua colored shirts! I mean, are 2 aqua shirts not enough??
I was so happy when we moved into this house b/c the closet is huge with lots of hanging spots with shelves that run behind the hanging clothes. Now that is thinking.

Summer said...

not only just 3 aqua shirts, but the other striped shirts are all identical too, haha! the only thing I would want from this closet is the shoe shelves going all the way up. That would be nice! My shoes are constantly falling off the little flimsy shoe rack under my clothes.

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