Sunday, January 31, 2010

All dolled up

On Saturday morning Lauren went to a tea party birthday party for her friend Sierra. It was at a little pink cottage, and the inside was completely over the top girly: flowered carpet, flowered wallpaper, flowers dangling from every square foot of the ceiling, etc. The girls got to choose a princess dress, heels, and jewelry. and then they got their hair, makeup, and nails done. They were in a fashion show and then moved on to the heart-shaped tea table.

They each had their own tea pot with pink lemonade and their own fancy cup and saucer. They had PB&J triangles, itty bitty cheese pizza slices, and tiny bites of hot dogs, all served on tiered trays. The birthday girl got a heart shaped cake to take home, and everyone received their own little plate of goodies: mini piece of cake, cotton candy, gummy bears, sour candies, etc.

They were each sent home with a picture of themselves after their transformation and were able to choose something out of the treasure chest.

Posing near the waterfall wall

Ready for the fashion procession

Raise your hand if you want that pink Christmas tree
and those princess blinds at your house.

(The glitter wouldn't come out of her hair, and was still in this morning at church!)


Monica said...

Wow. Oh wow. I'm all for semi-permanent hair glitter, but the miniblinds are just a bit much...

Kelly's 3 said...

she looks so cute with her hair back and swept up with a flower. I considered buying Casey a pink tree like that when she was protesting Christmas last year! (Casey if you read this I still might get you one.)

Casey said...

OMG - Kelly - that's the place I told you about from Izzy's party!!!! Allison - that place scared the living crap out of me. My friend and I went around pushing all the buttons on the wall that said push me and then we took inappropriate pictures of the birthday girl's mom posing with the creepy figures!

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