Sunday, February 22, 2009

Until we meet again

Have you ever had a friend who, no matter how bad of a day you were having, could cheer you up just by walking in the room?  That was my friend Mark Baker.  The man could make you laugh like no one else, and he had the best laugh ever.  He passed away this morning at just 47 years old, the end result of two heart attacks on Friday.  He was so generous and - well, I'll never be able to find the right words to do his life justice.

Mark loved life, and we all loved him.  He will be incredibly missed and never ever forgotten.


Kelly's 3 said...

He sounds like he was a great guy to be around and that is so awful he had to die at such a young age. Life seems so unfair at times like these.

The McNulty Family said...

Oh Ali! i'm so sorry! He sounds like he was a GREAT guy.

I love you.

Summer said...

I'm so sorry, I can only imagine how much it hurts to lose such a wonderful friend. Makes you realize once again how precious every moment is with the people who we love.

Lisa Blyth Gertz said...

Thanks for giving me this blog address, Ali. I enjoyed reading through February and seeing pics of your kids =) You're one of the most frequent updaters I've seen on a blog -- good for you!
I enjoyed hearing why Mark was a good friend to you, and I'm so sorry for this loss in your life. We're still praying...

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