Saturday, February 14, 2009

Easy dinner idea

I made a pretty yummy dinner tonight so I thought I'd share here.  The other day in the doctor's office waiting room I was flipping through a Martha Stewart Living magazine and came across a recipe whose picture looked so good, I asked the receptionist if I could tear it out.  Once she gave me the go ahead, I tucked it in my purse and planned to buy the ingredients soon.  

Cut to today.  I had taken some chicken tenders out of the freezer yesterday and didn't really have a plan for them, other than to use the crock pot and be lazy on Valentine's Day.  This morning I remembered the recipe in my purse, but I hadn't made it to the grocery store yet, so I decided to improvise.  I put the following in the crock pot: 2 cans of stewed tomatoes, a layer of chicken tenders (or breasts, whatever you've got), and a sprinkling of garlic powder.

I turned that on high for a couple hours.  In the meantime, Adam julienned some red, orange, and yellow mini sweet peppers and sliced some celery into bite sized pieces.  We added them to the crock pot along with another can of stewed tomatoes and cooked on high for another hour or so.  I made some israeli couscous to serve with it.  It was so good and I can't wait to eat the leftovers tomorrow!

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Monica said...

You admitted to reading Martha Stweart Living! *snicker*

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