Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fairytale Town

Some of our cousins are in town from up in Washington state, so we met them at Fairytale Town this afternoon for some fun in the sun. We got there before them and took a bunch of pictures, and almost as soon as they got there my camera battery died. I'll have to see if I can get some pictures from their camera. They so enjoyed playing with cousins their own age!

Lauren with Mother Goose

Owen with Mother Goose

My crooked kids in the crooked house

City kids on a tractor

Enjoying a seat of honor in King Arthur's court

Listening to Jessa tell them about indians and teepees

Sitting in Cinderella's pumpkin coach

The Tin Man and Dorothy


Tridentine Wife said...

I love that place!

P.S. Why doesn't Owen like us? haha Did he tell you he saw us at the park on our street? We didn't even realize it was him until we were walking out of the park. I'll have to call you with the story it was pretty funny.

Michelle said...

So So cute!

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