Sunday, March 28, 2010

Field trip

Lauren's kindergarten class had a field trip last Thursday to the post office. The kids were so excited. In the weeks leading up to it, they learned about writing and mailing letters. They each picked a person to write a letter to in class and they learned how to address an envelope. Lauren wanted her letter to go to Great Grandma!

The kids took turns putting their letters through the
mail slot while the others watched in the back room.

Here's the branch manager showing Lauren where our street's mail is divvied up.

Great photo op: the class got to stand on the loading dock outside.

The kids all got to take turns getting in the driver's seat of a postal truck - and honking the horn!

Then they all got to hop in the back and pretend they were packages.

Back inside, they got to take turns on the big scale. Lauren has been enjoying watching The B.iggest L.oser with me this season, so she got a kick out of standing on a giant scale!

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