Monday, October 27, 2008

What a weekend!

We drove down south on Saturday for my cousin Danny's wedding, and then continued farther down on Sunday to go to Adam's grandma's house. His cousin Jon is shipping out for active duty in a couple weeks, so there was an early Thanksgiving dinner in his honor. We had such a good time all weekend, but one of the biggest highlights? Finding gas for $2.77!! It's the little things, right?

Saturday night after the wedding my family commandeered the hotel's breakfast bar and turned it into our own private party room.  We were all staying at the same hotel, so it was nice to have a couple extra hours to catch up with each other.

Sunday morning we woke up early and I took the kids swimming in the indoor pool at our hotel.  Lauren thought it was crazy that there was a pool inside a building - she kept commenting on how silly it was!

You can see the rest of the wedding pictures here, and the family dinner pictures here.

Danny and his beautiful bride, Natalie

Just the four of us

Lauren, fresh from the bath, and Papa - Owen took this picture!

A few of the great grandkids on Adam's side

Jessica, me, Abi, Michelle, and Jana


Kelly's 3 said...

You guys always seem to take a great family picture! I am lucky to get a good one of just the kids.

Trent and Amber said...

What a cute dress you have on! And Owen takes great pictures! Let's plan a playday soon, maybe next week... :)

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