Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A few random things about me...

1. I find laundry soothing, it's my favorite household chore, by far.  There's just something about sorting and dividing and folding (well, not so much folding, I try to hang everything!) that makes me feel at peace.

2. I will rearrange the items in the dishwasher until I can get every last sippy cup in.  And I don't like it when other people load my dishwasher.  If we have friends over for dinner and they try to help, I will always rearrange it after they leave.

3. I love to watch my children sleep.  To lean in and inhale their scent, a mix of bubble bath, baby lotion, and sweat.  They take after Adam in that respect, they are so hot blooded. 

4. I hate unpacking after a trip.  The suitcases will stay at the foot of the bed until we eventually wear the clean clothes straight out of them.  Then they'll sit there some more.

5. It wasn't until this summer that I learned to love tomatoes and cucumbers.  Thanks to all my new gardening neighbors for making my taste buds grow up!  Toss with some feta cheese and Greek dressing, yum!

6. I'm not at all worried about my age.  I feel like I've been thirty for years.  In fact, my lovely friend Cass used to tease me that we should swap birthdates because, at almost exactly a decade older than me, she would go out and party more than me.  Love you, baby, you're only as old as you feel!

7. My mom is my best friend.

8. My love for A1 sauce runs deep.

9. I can't get myself to abbreviate addresses.  For example, I have to type/write out Avenue and Drive instead of Ave. and Dr.

10. Adam thinks I'm nuts for remembering people from elementary school, but how can you go to school with someone for 9 years (K-8) and NOT remember them?

11. I've watched every season of Big Brother and only missed a handful of episodes.  Terrible, I know.

12. I do not have a green thumb.  One exception: I bought a houseplant at the Dollar Store when Lauren was an infant and it is still alive, sitting on my kitchen counter.  Maybe because it was so cheap.  Why do I always overwater the expensive ones?

13. I can't stand the taste of coffee, but I LOVE the smell of it.

14. I hate to be late.  I get that from my dad's dad! 

15. My desk is a mess of "important" papers I have yet to read/file.


Kelly's 3 said...

I totally do the same thing with the dishwasher. Matt is challenged in that drives me crazy.

Ali said...

Totally! Why do they think it's okay to put the huge soup pot in front of the soap dispenser? The door has to flip open to get the rest of the stuff clean, geez! Men! Wink!

Kelly's 3 said...

Matt still has trouble remembering to stand the bowls up in the "bowl holders". he lays them down thus taking up too much space. then he tells me it is full and I come over and rearrange and there is room for another meals worth of dishes. I'm glad I'm not the only dishwasher snob out there.

The McNulty Family said...

LOL. I love you!

Summer said...

It is a relief to know someone else has a MAJOR issue with unpacking after a trip like I do! It is the worst thing and I never do it, I am awful about it. We have been back from S.D. for over a week and I still have not touched my bag and I will not until it has been emptied one thing at a time as I use it all! LOL! And I just put away the kids' last few clean clothes from it today. I absolutely never come home and unpack a bag!! :)

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