Friday, June 03, 2011

Pomp and circumstance

Our baby graduated from preschool! Where has the time gone? We are going to miss Ms. Lily tremendously. We're so grateful she's had both of our kids, and that she just gets them. I've been on the parent board for three of the last four years and I'm really going to miss it. If you're looking for a parent participation preschool, I can't recommend it enough!

Buddy Aidan

Buddy Colin

Buddy Michael

Our graduate

Papa and Noni with Owen

With Jada - these two will be together for the next 9 years as well!

Enjoying his ice cream with Mama.
Daddy was also there, but behind the camera the whole time.

Showing Ms. Lily the quilt made by a few families
who have been with her since her first year, in 2007.
(All credit to Michele!)

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