Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family fun

We spent most of this past week down at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Apparently I only used my camera on one day, but it was a fun one! We headed into town to play miniature golf, video games, and to drive the go-carts.

Uncle Aaron and Daddy each got a hole in one. The kids were actually big enough to drive by themselves on one course, and boy, did they have a blast. After that, we went on the bigger course: Lauren with me, Owen with Adam, and Uncle Aaron and Auntie Abi each in their own car. Seven or eight minutes in, I was hoping to see us waved in, signaling the end of the race. It was fun, but I was gripping the wheel so tight to make turns I was feeling the blisters come on. Lauren and I lapped them, woo hoo!

Ready, aim, fire!

Lauren driving

So excited to drive by themselves!

Buckle up for safety, buckle up!

'Round and 'round they went

Hours of playing Mario Kart has definitely paid off!

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Michelle said...

It was so great to see you! And man look at those kids go with the driving! That is pretty crazy how good they are at it. We love you all and were so blessed to have you around for a few days. :)

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