Sunday, October 25, 2009


The kids have some of those gel window decorations that we let them put on their bedroom windows. Of course, being kids, they can't just leave them there, so I've been finding random pieces and parts on the floor through the house all week. This morning the kids were up watching cartoons and I was setting out their church clothes. I walked into Lauren's room and didn't bother turning the light on, since I was headed straight to the window to open up her curtains. Halfway through her room, I saw another piece of one of those gel forms on the floor, so I picked it up and was rubbing it in my fingers, because they feel so cool. Only then it rubbed my fingers back! I dropped it and yelled a not so good word at the top of my lungs, running for the light. It was a caterpillar, a freaking caterpillar, all curled up in a ball, probably wondering more than me what the H had just happened. I think my heart is still going a mile a minute!


Rita said...

lol Ali! Put the lights on! I know I really good eye doctor if you need a bit of extra help!

Summer said...

Ok, 1) that made me want to throw up imagining it and knowing my extreme dislike of bugs I would have definately thrown up if it had happened to me.

And 2) did you stop and ask the question of how the caterpillar arrived in her room? :) just a thought knowing how those little ones love to collect bugs!!

Kelly's 3 said...

that is hilarious!

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