Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Girls at one, boys at another

Our little family of four spent the morning on pumpkin patch field trips - although not together! Lauren and I went to hers for kindergarten and Owen and Daddy went to his for preschool. It started out cold and muddy (from yesterday's rain) and warmed up to comfortable and muddy. But we got some good pictures and everyone had fun, so that's all that matters.

Owen feeding a goat

Owen's class

Showing off his harvest

Queen of the mountain

Looking for the perfect pumpkin

Lauren's class


Kelly's 3 said...

I clicked on the pics to make them bigger and Owen is just too adorable with his big old classic smile! And i spotted the little blondie ally up there! Looks like you guys all had fun. Good job to Adam for taking Owen...Matt would be so lost on a field trip I wouldn't even bother sending him!

Michelle said...

I love these photos! Fall is the best season!

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