Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New kicks

So I've always been completely against characters on my kids clothes - with the exception of Lightning McQueen.  Today I had to go buy Owen a new pair of tennis shoes and was planning on a cool pair of Vans or something like that.  Except when he saw these light up Go Diego Go ones he HAD TO HAVE THEM.  He actually wore them out of the store and you should have seen him walking through the mall - he thought he was the coolest kid ever!  He's been running laps around the house all day, showing me how fast he can run in them.  When Adam took them off him to change him into his jammies he cried and wanted them back on immediately.  We'll see if he sleeps in them tonight or not!

That is a rug burn on his forehead.  The other night we were doing a deep clean in both the kids bedrooms and we were having them go under their bunk beds to pull toys out.  He had his hands full of toys and couldn't crawl out backwards, so I grabbed his legs and pulled him out.  He ducked his head so he wouldn't bang it on the bed rail and came out with a nice red forehead.  Oops!


nancy said...

lol. A rugburn already! :) ~wink~

My kids are the same with shoes like these. I get them vans/converse/uggs and what do they want? dora shoes. Ugh. I'm TRYING to get my kids to be cool, but kids will be kids, eh?

Anonymous said...

Sydney is the same - only with any shoe that is pink or sparklie. If they are pink AND sparklie she is in heaven.... Elaine

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