Monday, September 22, 2008

(Lack of) lactose intolerant

This is Owen's reaction when we gave him water tonight at bedtime instead of milk:


Monica said...

Ha! I love that you video taped the poor guy in his distress! LOL!!!


Kelly's 3 said...

I know I said this a million times but it's like watching my own 2 year old! I love how Lauren is just standing by the sink watching her crazy bro!

Anonymous said...

That's the same way I act when I have to drink water instead of vodka! Thank God Roger doesn't know how to work the video camera. Elaine

nancy said...

You are terrible.

But only because that's what I do to my own kids. heh.

Gen McNulty said...

Oh Owen!! Tell mama to give you some MILK!!!

BTW.. LOVE that you grabbed the camera.. I SOOO would do the exact same thing.

Love you guys!

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