Friday, August 08, 2008

It's been a week

A couple of things I love about our new house:
- I have a gas stove
- I can do laundry in an air-conditioned/heated room

If you ask the kids what their favorite thing is, it is not the fact that they have their own bedrooms.  These are their favorite things:


Hafsa said...

What, no Hannah Montana?

Monica said...

Ooooh! Those might be my favorite things as well... Can't wait to see you tonight, though Eliot will not be making an appearance- he's been yawning steadily since 3:30.

Kelly's 3 said...

Those are the coolest fans! Oh and the gas stove is a must. When I go to my parent's house and use the "olden days stove" I get so impatient!

Hafsa said...

DO NOT be embarrassed under any circumstances. Those kids are a blast to have around. Seriously if your kids are wild animals then the preschoolers I work with are mental patients! I can't speak for anyone but us, but then no one else matters since it was our party. We thought more people would bring their kids. I hope you had a good time somewhat though :)

p.s. sorry I insulted your flip flops, now that's something to be ashamed of ;) (open mouth, insert foot)

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