Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Go play in the intersection!"

Just kidding, but it looks real, doesn't it?  We went to a birthday party last week at Safetyville and the kids had a blast riding their bikes all over.  Highly recommended, just don't go on day that is over 100 degrees!

Here's a quote from Safetyville's website: "The 1/3 scale town is complete with real sidewalks, crosswalks, streetlights, police, a fire and sheriff station, and businesses that can be found in any city that has sidewalks." 


Kelly said...

That place is cool. Noah had a preschool field trip there a few years ago. My sister in law actually broke her wrist while on some field trip there with her daugther. I think they were riding bikes or skating or something and she joined in with them. Of all places to break a bone...Safetyville. Safety tips are not just for kids....!!!

Andria said...

I have a post on this too! (beginning of June) I loved it so much, we'll be there in August for my son's birthday. I booked it at 10:00 am because I'm NOT dealing with this weather!

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