Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dos anos!

Happy 2nd birthday to my boy!  You've been on a fast path since birth, starting with a 5 hour labor/delivery, to crawling at 6 months, to walking at 9 months.  Although you were happy to have your big sister talk for you for awhile, you've come into your own and I love having conversations with you.  

Some of your favorite phrases:  "How 'bout this one?"  "Yeah baby!"  "Me too!"  "Me help, I DO IT!"  "Papa's house???"  "Up, Mama."

You must have a hat on at all times, even during the night.  Daddy and I check on you before we go to bed and remove your hat, but somehow you always find it and put it back on in the middle of the night.

You're all boy, too, always trying to get into Daddy's tools and help.  But you're the best snuggler and you love a good cuddle.  You've got so many wonderful male role models in our family, I have no doubt you're growing into an amazing man!  I love you, Bubba! 

This is actually the day after he was born.  All the pictures I 
have from the night he was born are profile views, 
since he was attached to my boob!




Taryn said...

Happy Birthday Owen! I cannot believe he is two already, goes by so fast! Hope you had a great day!

Hugs and Kisses from the girls! A High Five from the boy!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Owen! That is so cute that he wears a hat to bed and then puts it back on when you take it off!

Monica said...

Happy birthday Owen!!! Two is such a big number in kid years! How exciting!

Ali said...

Accidently deleted this one so here's a repost:

Happy Birthday Owen! You are such a sweet boy. We love you. Aunt Elaine & Uncle Roger

Orange Peanut said...

What a big boy! He and Carson could have a lot of fun together - let's get together soon!

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