Thursday, May 15, 2008

Living up to his nickname "Big O"

I've been teasing Lauren's preschool teacher all year that one day I'm going to try to sneak away and leave Owen behind, since he's the same size as a few of her classmates. Well, today was his day! When we walked in this morning to drop Lauren off, Ms. Lily informed me that one of the volunteer moms had to take her child to the ER and she needed a fill-in. She said "And if you stay, Owen can stay, too!"

So Owen was in tricycle/playdough/lego heaven all morning. At snack time he was so confused that the food was RIGHT THERE in front of him but he had to wait for everyone to sit down and pray. He just kept looking at me with his big brown eyes, asking "Me? Eat? Now? Me? Eat?" He did pretty well during the first two circle times, watching the kids sing and go through their daily routine, but by the closing one he had had enough. He kept telling me "Go home now!" Hopefully he won't fuss next week when we drop Sis off and leave!


Kelly said...

That's funny. Don't worry Owen, in a couple of years you'll fit right in!

Hafsa said...

How fun awww I wish Lauren was in my class. I'd make you stay and help out all the time as long as you brought Owen in :)

Taryn said...

Owen had a blast! He fit right in playing with the play dough! He had so much fun! Now when do you think I can drop Ally and Cooper off with Elyse? But I want to leave not stay and work!...LOL..It was fun to work together twice in the same week! See you on Tuesday to work together again!

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