Thursday, April 03, 2008

Poor Big Bird

Owen and I were out shopping this morning while Lauren was at school. Midway through a store, Owen decided he needed a snack. Since we were in the diaper aisle, there were kid friendly snacks close by. I grabbed the first box of crackers I saw, opened it up, and handed it to him. He pulled one out and exclaimed, "Elmo! Elmo! Oh, Mama, Elmo!" It was a box of Sesame Street cheddar crackers in the shapes of the characters heads. I didn't even know he could say Elmo. He continued to rave every time he pulled out an Elmo cracker, "More Elmo. MORE!"


Kelly said...

Was that Owen I heard in Target today?? J/k!
I was there a couple weeks ago and Jill pointed the mens underwear that were on a display and she yells "Daddy only sleeps in underwear like those."
Ya- I have never walked thru that store so fast.

Gen McNulty said...

Great minds think alike! So.. how about the 11th? Russ is still pretty sick. GOD I MISS YOU!
Gen :)

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