Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It was supposed to be easier this way

The kids had been in the backyard playing, and they were pretty dirty, not to mention sweaty. I wanted them to bathe before romping around the house, but I made pasta (with RED sauce) for dinner. Owen seems to think red sauce is a spa worthy beauty treatment, because he always gets it all over his face. I figured instead of bathing them twice in one night, I'd just do a picnic outside for dinner. Wouldn't you know, halfway through eating, someone upset the balance of my plate and now we have a patio full of pasta and plate shards. I thought Corelle was shatter proof?


Kelly said...

I have learned that nothing is shatter proof with a toddler.

Hafsa said...

We too have Corelle plates so it's nice to know that the shatter proff is false advertising. We shall no longer purchase the lies :)

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