Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thanks to Uncle John!

I'd been thinking of getting the kids a new L.ego set a couple days before this, but didn't really have time to shop around. It was a three day weekend and I was recovering from the flu, so I wanted something new to keep their attention.

After church on Sunday morning I was reading the newspaper and was looking at the T.oys R Us ad. The kids saw the ad about the same time and asked if we could go use their gifts cards from Christmas for new L.egos. I said, "Sure, go get some shoes on!" They looked at each other in disbelief, then ran to their rooms for shoes. They were shocked that I would say yes so easily!

They wandered the L.ego aisle for about 20 minutes before deciding on this set. We also picked up a few extra people, including a small S.tar Wars droid set. You can never have enough L.ego people, right?!

We came home and they got straight to work. They cleared off a coffee table so they'd have a fresh work space. Of course, Daddy jumped right in to "help" them.

They put it together and literally spent at least the next 5 hours playing with it. They even declined dinner! They played with it the whole next day, too. Definitely a smart purchase for a long rainy weekend!

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Monica said...

I think Lego must be a mother's favorite toy... keeps the kids quiet for so long!!!

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