Friday, August 19, 2011

A little excitement for the evening

(DaddyBoi's first post, yea like 7 yrs later... I know it's shameful.)

The setup: I had just arrived home from work today much earlier than usual, around 4:30 PM and we were out in the garage talking as I was getting something out of the rafters.

Ali: Honey is that smoke?
Adam: It's probably just a BBQ
- a few minutes later -
Ali: I don't think that's a BBQ honey.
Adam: *sniff* no, that's not a BBQ.
Adam: Get the keys for the back gate and my phone!

And there was running...
And then a quick chat with a 911 dispatcher...
And there was some banging on the neighbor's door... thankfully nobody home.

Then there was a big red truck (E23 from Station 108), and the brave men in yellow coats began to do what they do so well...

Soon they were joined the good 'ol *whump whump* of a Huey, as Metro Copter 2 made a pass, then off to snorkel up a river nearby...

About 10 min later the *whump thump* returned, and there was water falling from the sky to join with the ash and smoke...

And then finally... that most poignant of aroma's... well soaked, smoldering ground.

** To the punk kids who figured that a grass fire in the dry scrub oak nestled in residential neighborhood was "fun," I wish that you may reap the benefits from many of life's lessons in an unfortunate way.

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