Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lauren's newest adventure

Noodle Ball! It's water polo while straddling a noodle, for young kids who are still getting comfortable in deep water. She participated in an introductory clinic to see if she'd be interested. The pool she'll be playing in is 12 feet deep and, luckily, heated. She's not that strong of a swimmer, and it was pretty cold out that day, so I didn't have high hopes. But when we got there she stripped her clothes off, hopped right in, and didn't look back. As soon as it was over she asked, "So am I signed up? I love it!" And every day since then she's been asking when she gets to go back in the pool.

A bonus I hadn't considered:
As she ate dinner that night you could tell she was so exhausted. What a great way to use up some of that endless energy!

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Anonymous said...

looks like fun. What pool is it? Elaine

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