Sunday, August 01, 2010

El Capitan 2010

We spent part of last week at our annual beach family reunion. 1 matriarch, all 8 children, 13 of 22 grandkids, and all 7 great grandkids. We visited with cousins returning from Korea (en route to Louisiana) and Europe (en route to New York as I type this!), and are excited to have another great grandkid on the way - no, not us! We've had our fill of s'mores and snack food, and more than enough sand to last this mama for a long time. Now we're home and our bags are unpacked, the laundry is done, and the sand toys are put away for another year.

Enjoy this slide show of our trip:

Forgot to pack a pitcher? No worries, just use your coffee carafe to make margaritas!


Rita said...

I LOVE the video! Great pictures - thank you for doing this!

Michelle said...

Sounds fun! And what a fabulous second use for the carafe! :)

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