Friday, May 21, 2010

That's not my name

We were eating dinner tonight at the bar, the usual weekday habit when Adam is working late. I'd asked Owen a favor, but I'd accidentally called him Lauren. Such is life on a Friday evening after a long week!

Anyway, the kids were teasing me that I'd said the wrong name. I told them the story of their great grandpa, Adam's dad's dad. He had so many grandsons that instead of calling them by their names, he'd made up nicknames for them. For example, Uncle Aaron was Slim, and Adam was Shorty. The kids thought this was pretty funny.

They were each on one side of me, and while leaning this way and that talking to each other, they were spilling black beans all over the floor. I made the comment that we should try to go at least one meal without spilling food on the floor. Lauren asked, "Why, so Thinny doesn't get mad when he gets home?"

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