Saturday, December 12, 2009

Martha Jr.

Owen (AKA Mr. Cranky Sick Pants) went to bed early and fell fast asleep. I thought Lauren would enjoy helping me wrap some presents, and boy was I right! She helped me trim old Christmas cards to use as name tags, choose which boxes to use for whom, cut ribbon, and write out everyone's name. She loved helping and when we were done she ran to ask Daddy to take her picture with all of her creative products.

I've been saving Christmas cards for years (it's a sickness, passed down for generations) and wanted to figure out a way to use some of the most beautiful ones. I finally went through them this afternoon and cut the fronts off of the ones I loved. I trimmed them into shapes for name tags. I think this is the most creative (hands on - the blog doesn't count) thing I've done in years - pretty sad!


Kelly's 3 said...

I am super impressed. They look great!

Sara said...

Owen and Joey must be on the same wavelength, because there is a Mr. Cranky Sick Pants on Mira Del Rio right now too (definitely a case of the MAN COLD!)

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