Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Because I said so

If you ever have a chance to hear John Rosemond talk, GO! Seriously, just go. Lauren's school flew him in for a parenting talk this evening, so Adam and I went. It was so enlightening, and funny! I was not expecting funny, but he had the entire audience laughing out loud, hysterically at times. People, he made us LOL, no joke.

Some of my favorite lines of the night:
* Two year olds are mini criminals. They think "I want what I want, I'll get what I want, the ends justify the means."
* God said about husband and wife: "Until death do they part, not until children do they part." Have a relationship with your spouse, not your children.

When you tell your kids no and they ask "But why/why not?" use one of the following as a reason:
1) You're not old enough.
2) You might get hurt.
3) There's not enough money.
4) There's not enough time.
5) We don't believe in that.
6) We don't like those kids.
He suggested putting these in a bowl and randomly pulling one out every time your kids questioned you about why you wouldn't let them do something. Your children will never admit you're right, so why give them a correct response?

Walk away with these pointers:
* You need to be in a leadership role with your children, not a relationship. You need boundaries to have respect.
* You do not need to explain yourself to your children. "Because I said so" is an acceptable response.
* The punishment should NEVER fit the crime. One minute of time out per year of age is ridiculous, and wastes everyones time. Make it bigger, so you nip the trouble in the bud. Make them remember the punishment.
* Don't ask them to do things, TELL them.


Michelle said...

Love it! And I completely agree! (although that's probably easy since I don't have kids yet) :-P

The Mathews Family said...

I can't believe the school flew him out. That's awesome! He sounds great.
Oh... and strawberry rice krispie treats?!!!! Keep talking dirty to me sister!

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