Sunday, August 30, 2009

Glad we packed sweatshirts!

I asked Adam Thursday evening if he wanted to take the kids to Six Flags for a surprise trip on Saturday. We checked the weather, and with a forecasted high of 82, we bought tickets online Friday night. It had been a long week: the first full week of kindergarten for Lauren, Owen's last week of summer vacation, and a busy week for Adam and I. After a nine hour notary class on Thursday, I was ready for a break!

We decided to bring one of our smaller strollers, to tuck sweatshirts into (you know, for the cool breeze that was bound to pop up that evening) and smuggle snacks in (apple slices and pretzels, for sustenance from overpriced fried food).

Well, it ended up being HOT. With a capital H. and O. and T. Too damn hot. I checked online when we got home and it said 94, but I'm certain it was around 112. We finally sold our double stroller a couple weeks ago, it was one of my last "baby" holdouts. So of course the kids fought over the single one all day long. At one point I almost kicked them both out so I could use it. One good thing, the heat did put some color in my cheeks!

BUT! We had fun. We managed to find shady seats for the killer whale show and the tiger show. And in between, we rode the rides and enjoyed the sights, such as the butterfly exhibit. Lauren boycotted the roller coaster, which surprised me, but Adam and Owen went on it. We were exhausted by the end of the day, and so thankful for the air conditioner on the way home.

Enjoy the slideshow!


nancy said...

We just went to the state fair yesterday and it was hot hot hot. My girls don't get the luxury of a stroller though - they have to walk!

Summer said...

very cute slideshow! love the music with it, you'll have to tell me how you did that on youtube!

Tridentine Wife said...

Maybe Lauren takes after Uncle Chad with the no rollercoaster rule :)

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