Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's in their blood

Today would have been my maternal grandparents 56th anniversary.  On their honeymoon Noni taught Papa how to fish.  He spent the rest of his life doing it - and loving every second.  

A couple decades ago he began to put on an annual men's fishing trip to Topaz Lodge every spring.  He had hats from every year, and they used to line his bedroom walls.  When we packed him up last year to move him, my mom and aunts put all the hats into a suitcase, which they promptly forgot about until a few days ago.  We opened up said suitcase and found years worth of hats and just had to laugh.  Lauren and Owen each picked out a favorite, and have sported them with pride the last couple days.

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Anonymous said...

Too cute! I am going to miss my husband going on that trip every year!!!!!! Elaine

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