Monday, June 22, 2009


My grandparents had these figures hanging in one of their bathrooms for as long as I can remember - since before I was born, I'm sure.

I had Adam put them up in the kids' bathroom late last week while the kids were out of town with my parents.  When they were getting out of the bath last night I was drying them off and I noticed Lauren staring at the figures up on the wall.  I knew what she was looking at, but I asked her anyway.  She replied, "I'm looking at that statue of Great Papa.  It looks like just like him when he was a little boy."  


Kelly's 3 said...

that is cute! that is cool that you got those for your house!!

Orange Peanut said...

Those are funny! Ryan's grandma has a little quote hanging in her bathroom "We aim to please, you aim too please!"

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