Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Tea excitement

We had our Mother's Day Tea at preschool today, so as not to compete with the elementary schools last Friday.  Just as the kids were starting to serve us our strawberry shortcake, we noticed a funny smell, like an electrical burn.  Long story short, we all ended up safely out on the back lawn, sipping sparkling cider, and watching five engines full of firemen search the building  - for what ended up being a short in a fluorescent light bulb in one of our classrooms.  The firemen were so nice, they let the kids climb around the ladder truck and explore the inside.  With all the commotion I didn't even get a picture of myself and Lauren.  Bummer!

My girlie, enjoying her strawberry shortcake.

My monkey man on the monkey bars.

Lauren was trying to get a ladybug to crawl on a twig and 
was surprised to realized there was another one on her dress

Lauren being lowered to safety after exploring the super long ladder truck.

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