Wednesday, April 01, 2009

To think is to be

Owen's been potty trained for a while now, although I still put him in pull-ups when we leave the house - for my own sanity while running errands!  Today he decided he was too busy playing the Wii to take a break to use the bathroom - he was wearing a pull-up, thank goodness, not big boy undies.   I told him I wanted him to think about his decision not to use the toilet and sent him to his room.  I overheard him talking to himself: "I AM a big boy, not a baby.  Big boys play the Wii and I am a big boy.  I need to remember that."  And then he marched out to the living and told me, "Mama, I thinked about being a big boy and I am."


Summer said...

That is REALLY cute!

Monica said...

That's freakin adorable. Don't you just love it when kids talk to themselves? That's the best little motivational speech ever!

Kelly's 3 said...

that is the cutest and funniest thing I have ever heard!

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